Specific Project Title: MIX-EXTRUDER [ACTION B.3]
Contacting Authority: ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS S.P.A.
Countries of implementation: ITALY, GERMANY
Macro-Project Framework: LIFE TIRE2TIRECYCLE [ ID No.: LIFE ENV/IT/000496 ]
Proposal Submission Deadline: 11/01/2022 – h.06:00

The procurement is related to the Project “LIFE TIRE2TIRECYCLE”, which is co-financed by the European Union LIFE Programme, Grant Agreement LIFE ENV/IT/000496. More detailed info in General Procurement Notice.

This notice aims at reducing time limits for receipt of tenders: interested operators must inform the contracting authority of their interest in the contract, as the contract will be awarded without publication of a further call for competition. Access to the procurement documents is restricted, additional information can be obtained by contacting the main email address (elsy-acq@pec.intercom.it). Tenders must be submitted to the abovementioned address; proposals shall be submitted in English or Italian no later than 11/01/2022.

Scope of the procurement is the realization of a Mix-Extruder machine to continuously mix a seamless rubber strip (viable charge of additives) and extruding it with a flat-die extrusion head for a finite sheet of dimensions 750mm x 8mm. The machine must be fitly dimensioned to withstand a rubber throughput rate of 2,500kg/h.

The only currency accepted for tendering and the subsequent contract is EUR, all payments will be in EUR.

The scope of procurement ultimately shall be installed in a manufacturing plant in Germany. In order to allow the operations necessary to integrate and complete the overall implementation of the machineries for action B3, the delivery of the scope of supply will be at Electronic Systems premises in Momo, Novara, Italy.

Price is not the only award criterion. Quality requirements are strict and weighted accordingly; also, proved experience in the application field (or relatable application) is of high importance during evaluation, which will be carried out by the Contracting Authority project management unit.
Award criteria:

a) Specific experience of the Contractor related to the assignment [30 points]
b) Adequacy of the proposed tender, workplan and post-assistance [30 points]
c) Qualification and competence of the key staff [ 5 points]
d) Cost effectiveness in relation to the scope of procurement [15 points]

Total: 80 points

The minimum technical score required to pass is 45 points.

This contract is not divided into lots and it is not subject to renewal. This contract will conclude its validity after the successful completion of the scope of procurement by fulfilling all the requirements described in the detailed scope description.

Confidentiality: to protect the high level of innovation and the proprietary design of the machineries in the process, the contractor agrees with the obligation to sign an NDA with, and drafted by, Electronic Systems.

Detailed description of the procurement:

The Mix-Extruder machine is a one-stand that must incorporates and enables the consequent actions of milling and extruding. Initially, it must be able to mix continuously a seamless rubber strip, of variable dimensions, by way of two independent driven rollers with hydraulically adjustable gab. The intake of the machine must be equipped with an automated dosing system in order to charge additives in the rubber bank, which may come in different formats: powder, pellets and pre-dispersed rubber wands. Subsequently, the machine must extrude the compound with a rightly designed plasticizing screw and thrust it through a flat-die extrusion head for a finite sheet of dimensions 750mm x 8mm. The machine design must be suitable for completely hands-off operations. All parts of the Mix-Extruder must be dimensioned fitly to withstand the pressure and the wear caused by the rubber in a continuous operations manufacturing environment: a minimum throughput rate of 2500kg or rubber per hour shall be accepted.

The Mix-Extruder machine must be provided with safety covers, electric locks on doors (if necessary) and light barriers to prevent the operators from entering or reaching possibly dangerous area, adopting the necessary Health and Safety requirements appointed in the latest EU Machinery Directive.

Milling modules: the rubber strip is received by two cylinders Ø=250mm x L=600mm, independently driven for high and stable friction ratios. Each cylinder features grinded surface (Ra=0,8), chromium plating (thickness at least= 35μm) and peripherals bores for water temperature control. The cylinders opening is provided by two hydraulic pistons (integrated in the stands) which must be able to move and precisely regulating the milling gap; the hydraulic movement unit must also ensure the safety emergency opening as normed. The module must integrate controls for the cylinders scrapers and stock guides.

Extruding module: the screw is made of hard nitriding steel, the armoured flights profile must be designed to ensure plasticizing at a variable speed of 5–45rpm. The screw has dimension 250W x 9L/D and is deep bored for forced-water temperature control. The extruder barrel is bimetallic, in between the inner liner and outer supporting structure, a helical tunnel ensure water circulation for an optimum-distributed temperature control zone.

Extruding head: it is designed to optimise and uniform the distribution of the rubber, coming from the plasticizing screw, into a finite sheet with stable dimensions of 750mm x 8mm. The flat-die head is composed by two pieces: the lower is the main unit and it is fixed on the extruder barrel, the upper can be hydraulically opened for maintenance. Both parts of the extruding head features a grid of deep borings to allow a diffused forced-water temperature control. During extruding operations, the two parts are firmly locked by the means of hydraulically actuated latches.

Electronic Systems had planned, designed and drawn all the particulars that compose the Mix-Extruder.
Implementation period should be in five months since awarding the contract. In the adverse event where quality and/or time-based requirements have not been reached, penalties might apply to the Contractor.

This notice is published as official Contract Notice on TED portal (https://ted.europa.eu/) and C.A.’S dedicated section website (http://www.electronicsystems.it/eu-life-project/open-tender).
Interested eligible bidder who wish to be included in the tendering procedure shall check carefully the Specific Procurement Notices to self-assess the compatibility with the required services, prepare the proposal and send it through the contact form or the address below.


LIFE-Project Management Unit / Attn. Marcora Michele
S.R. 229 KM 12,2 – 28015 MOMO (NOVARA) – ITALY
Tel: (+39) 0321-928-210 / E-mail: elsy-acq@pec.intercom.it

Posted online: 26/11/2021

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