The “LIFE” Programme is the European Union main instrument to promote environmental sustainability by co-financing specific projects, according to the long-term vision of “living well within the limits of our planets”.

Back in 2019, Electronic Systems presented an ambitious project to funding Call LIFE 19. Ideally, it was the refinement, empowerment and integration in a high-volume industrial environment of our Horizon’ 2020 REW-TYRES. The aim is to hit the market with an integrated model to recover and subsequently reuse of rubber recovered from end-of-life tires: the project “LIFE TIRE2TIRECYCLE”.

After a long and thorough selection path, the European Commission Agency for Small-Medium Enterprises ultimately in August 2020 decided to foster our project by awarding us a Grant Agreement. For Electronic Systems, once again, that means to receive an important recognition of its capability to think and realize innovation to the highest levels.

Electronic Systems is the Coordinating Beneficiary of the project “LIFE TIRE2TIRECYCLE”, which was presented in partnership with Kurschat Systems GmbH. A small-size company based in Mörfelden-Walldorf Germany, with great expertise in industrial high-end laser systems in measuring gauges.

Kurschat Systems key activities, in quality of Associated Beneficiary, are the development, construction, installation and set-up of the THZ sensor in the demo plants: the technological nucleus of the RECYCLING system.

The “LIFE TIRE2TIRECYCLE” model foresees two innovative systems to implement circularity in the tire life cycle. The central innovation is our RECYCLE system, that recovers rubber from end-of-life tires and -through a patented process- devulcanise the rubber by the means of mechanical treatments. The rubber thus reclaimed is subsequently processed with our REWORK system, together as well with scraps and defective components of tire production, in order to be reintroduced in significant shares within production directly.

Our technologies and expertise are the core of a project qualified by a strong international stance: the single units and technological apparatus of which the systems is composed will be mainly realized in Italy, in cooperation with a network of European suppliers. The machineries will be assembled and tested in the new 2000m2 facility in Electronic Systems Momo headquarter, while the demonstration lines will be installed at two important industrial plants in Germany.

The project timetable will cover a period of 5 years, divided between: design, implementation, performance monitoring and marketing of the systems. The budget foreseen for the completion of the program is 9,5 million euros, of which 4,9 million euros constitute the maximum eligible contribution of the European Union.


“Innovative systems to implement a circular model in tire production by recycling end-of-life tires and production scraps”.

Duration:  Start 01/09/2020 → 31/08/2025

Project Implementors:

  • Coordinating Beneficiary:
    Electronic Systems S.p.A, Momo (Italy)
  • Associated Beneficiary:
    Kurschat Systems GmbH, Mörfelden-Walldorf (Germany)

Current Project Sites:

  • Action B.1, Small Recycle:
    Electronic Systems S.p.A, Momo (Italy)
  • Action B.3, Rework:
    Goodyear Germany GmbH, Wittlich (Germany)
Project Budget Recap.

Total eligible amount: € 9,584,099
EU Co-funding: 51,41%
Max. EU Contribution: € 4,926,973
Beneficiaries Contrib.: € 4,657,126

Project Budget at Mid-Term Report 1.

Situation at 30/09/2022
EU Contribution: € 1,970,789
Beneficiaries Contrib.: € 2,265,054
Total Costs: € 4,235,843

EU Pre-financing received

Situation at 30/01/2023
Pre-financing Nr. 1: € 1,970,789
Pre-financing Nr. 2 € 985,395
[Max. EU Contribution: € 4,926,973]

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