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Swan Reflex

SWAN REFLEX is a reflection system engineered for direct thickness measurement. The system is composed of the following elements:
• Single-beam scanner with bearing structure
• Reference roll
• SWAN air-blow measure sensor

Automatic reference roll tracking system.
Extremely durable and mechanically stable sensor shift system.
Protection against accidental contact with the material being measured.
Simple and compact structure with high shock resistance.
Suitable for industrial applications with maximum machine width of 3.000 mm.

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Product Description

The bearing structure is equipped with a steel tubular beam secured to two supports. The supports can be fitted onto machine structure in the most suitable configuration for the installation, without any alteration of the structure. The main beam features special sliding rails and couplings where the measuring element is fitted, is equipped with the sensor holder, perpendicular to the reference roll. Scanner automation enables the calibrated movement of the sensor towards the roll until the most suitable position for measuring is reached.  When it reaches the set position, the sensor starts shifting to measure the cross profile.

The SWAN REFLEX measuring system uses sensors with the exclusive Electronic Systems patent ESSAIR™ technology which is ideal for direct, contactless thickness measuring. Designed over 10 years ago and used in thousands of installations all over the world, such measure modules have been tested in several industrial applications, even for heavy duty, proving highly reliable and safe.

Additional Information

Industry application Coating & laminating, PVC calendering, Rubber, Sheets & foils

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