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Scaneye: your microscope in line.

Scaneye is a scanning system with one or more cameras that performs inline a detailed online  online detailed analysis  on of a small portion of of a surface., so iIt can perform dimensional measurements onlineinline, moving across the web, withweb with a resolution close tothatto that of  a microscope in laboratory.

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Product Description

Scaneye hasis composed by one camera with a special optic capababiltysolution to get an enlarged image of the web surface. and a It has a lighting unit with high power LEDs that are configured to better enhance the surface viewaspect. Each measurementd feature is compared with a reference grid to producing e a conformity map of all production.

Limitation: The enlarged image needs a very high camera speed;, for this reason it is may beusually difficult to ausepply it Scaneye in productions with speeds faster than 100m/min.

Typical applications: not uniform non-uniform coatings which is not unkform, check analyzing of grit distribution in abrasive productions, embossing checks and such like similar on.

Additional Information

Industry application Adhesive tapes, Coating & laminating, Composites, Extrusion coating, Sheets & foils

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