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Flexcord  system is a special scanning device, with a X-ray emitter and a linear sensor. For steel cord – rubber production , it it can to monitor continuously monitor the presence of steel cords inside the rubber production for tires.

The high system resolution allows toenables the measurement of the distance between each one cord and the next one, so it can give giving an immediate alarm in case where such distance exceeds the specification.

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Product Description

The performed real-time measurements made  for each scan over the web are the:  number of detected cords;, the average, minimum and maximum of distance and; and the step of cords.
A special measurement can be performed on the edges to  detectto detect the width of rubber outside the first and last cord. This special measurement can be activated achieved on alternate each scanssion or it can be performed continuously continuouslystopping  the head alternatively over the two edges.
The Flexcord system is tuned to work with minimum xrayx-ray emission., it’s controlledIt is engineered not to exceed 37Kv with a maximum current of 1.25mA, while whereas a typical dental  Xrayx-ray device works from 50 to 70Kv with 2 to 8 mA of current.

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Industry application Rubber

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