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Since 1979

The 30-year history of Electronic Systems is linked to the bright career of its president, Mr. Alessandro Masotti. After working as Technical Manager in a company producing static regulators for DC motors and in a leading Italian manufacturer of drivers and inverters, he acquires a remarkable experience in the field of industrial instrumentation in order to set up its own Company in Dormelletto, in the province of Novara, on march 8th, 1979.

At the beginning, Electronic Systems specialises in the automation sector and in the production of inverters for the Italian market, as well as in the manufacture of sorting systems for Poste Italiane – the Italian Postal Service. Then, it expands the corporate engineering capacities to the measurement systems, rapidly increasing the quality of its products.

Early in the ‘80s, the Company starts producing basic-weight measurement systems fitted with Beta-ray sensors and Z-processors, becomes the first Italian manufacturer competing with American and German companies already operating in the market and moves from Dormelletto to Lonate Pozzolo, in the province of Varese, besides listing in the Italian Register of Research (Anagrafe Nazionale Ricerche) on 1989.

In this period, Electronic Systems develops the dedicated VMW BUS boards with Motorola 68000 processor, which adds laser sensor measurement gauges to the already-successful Beta sensor range for thickness and profile measurement. Within a few years, it starts manufacturing increasingly sophisticated thickness measurement systems while sales keep rising. The Company expands its staff up to 50 people and moves to the current seat in Momo, in the province of Novara.

Thanks to new technologies studied by the R&D department leading to the creation and registration of innovative patents not only for Beta sensor measurement systems, but also for air-sensor thickness measurement systems, Electronic Systems turnover rapidly increases and the Company doubles its staff, improving the overall technical level by employing highly-skilled engineers who support the design and manufacture of new types of machines: Flexin, Flex-Cord system, bank control and material temperature measuring systems for calendering lines and IR sensor measuring barrier layers and multi-layer materials (EVOH, PA) used in foodstuff.

In these years, Electronic Systems starts to attend the most important world trade fairs and exhibitions, confirming its world relevance, boosted by the corporate continuous innovation in the measurement sector and its capacity to supply increasingly larger amounts of thickness measurement gauges to meet job orders coming from manufacturers of large cast lines, calendering lines and coating machines. The Company becomes one of the few Italian companies with a prominent position on the hard quality-focused German market. Over these years, Electronic Systems succeeds in selling and installing more than 500 measurement systems in Germany, only.

The late ‘90s and the beginning of the 21st Century are characterised by the improvement of Company facilities. A new modern plant is built. All offices and the existing production unit are refurbished. The construction of the new plant makes it possible to produce more than 1500 thickness measurement gauges and strengthens the corporate international role. Together with the production in Momo, Customer Service offices are opened in Germany, France, Spain, China, Poland, Brazil and USA, to provide fast and reliable on-site after-sales services as well as fitting approximately 90% of the rubber plants installed in China over the last 10 years with Electronic Systems measurement systems.

Together with the extraordinary growth of Electronic Systems, a new generation of shareholders joins the President. His nieces, Florinda and Tiziana MARTENA, bring new and effective ideas to develop the Company, increase productivity and efficiency and boost operations. As a result, the Company immediately experiences a strong growth leading to achieve the outstanding figure of more than 2500 measurement systems installed with an annual turnover exceeding 18 million Euros. In this same period, the representative and sales offices abroad, in particular in North and South America and, obviously, in Europe, are enlarged, guaranteeing not only technical assistance, but mainly the commercial presence of Electronic Systems on the world market.

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